Do’s in Email Marketing.

If you read our tips to “Don’ts in Email Marketing” you should also know what you actually have to do in your marketing strategy. In this article we’ll cover 5 things you should do in email marketing.

Do's in Email Marketing.

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Organically grow your email list.

If you grow your email list organically, the chances for your email addresses to be valid are higher. With an organically grown list you reach people who really are interested in your product. Engagement will be higher than with a bought list.

Personalize your emails.

Personalized emails are more relevant to subscribers than generic ones. They are directly targeted at the subscribers, they address them by their names and introduce them to offers that are relevant to their interests.

Use email marketing automation.

Automatic email campaigns are set up once, then they automatically send emails to your subscribers when they meet a certain trigger. They reach subscribers at an optimized time and are highly relevant to them. So they are opened and clicked more frequently than generic emails.

Provide good copy with correct spelling.

You strengthen your credibility when you write good, interesting texts and get grammar and spelling right.

Send email at the right time – keep users’ time zones in mind.

Good times for sending emails are 10 am, when people arrived at the workplace, or at around 1 pm, when they check their emails after lunch. 23 % of all emails are opened in the first hour after delivery. After 24 hours, the chance that an email will be opened drops to 1 %! So make sure you take your subscribers´ time zones into consideration!

By Xaver

Founder and creator of Mailster.

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