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Button to insert emojis into email body

I see that adding emojis in the text content needs to use the system emojis. This is not very user friendly for non regular writers. Instead of using…

8 votes

Segmentation based on click on links

Hello, It would be great if we can segment people into lists based on the links they click in an email. So if I send an email newsletter…

1 vote

General log for Mailster

I would like to have a general log of all the actions performed by Mailster (including the automated ones) in one place in order to have a general…

1 vote

extend WP users support via WP roles

Optional assignment of Mailster Lists to WP roles. When a WP user is given a certain WP role it will be subscribed by Mailster to the associated List

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1 vote

Dark Mode Support

Hi. Dark mode usage is growing on all platforms. One day I opened my own email in the night when dark mode was switched on automatically on my…