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Deeper WooCommerce integration

Hi, currently WooCommerce integration is very basic. I would like to have: – some product oriented modules in templates – ability to use dynamically customer data, e.g. their…

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13 votes

Enable A/B-Testing

It would be great if there is a function to test 2 newsletterdesign as an A/B Test by automatically splitting send-out-list for the different versions.

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10 votes

Improve the Statistics

It is extremely time-consuming to track individual links that appear in multiple newsletters. This applies in particular (but not only) to advertising that is placed in the newsletter.…

8 votes

Custom fields per list

Currently, custom fields can be added globally through Newsletter Settings -> Subscribers -> Custom Fields, and they apply to all lists. But it would be great if this…

8 votes

Support the user time zone in Autoresponders

Currently, only regular campaigns support the user time zone. It would be great if this can be configured for Autoresponders too, so they wont be sent in the…

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7 votes

API Endpoints

I’d love to have some API endpoints in Mailster for headless WP sites

5 votes

Segmentation based on click on links

Hello, It would be great if we can segment people into lists based on the links they click in an email. So if I send an email newsletter…

5 votes

Visualise the workflow of automations

Systems like activecampaign visualise the whole workflow of automations. It is way easier to build complex automations, where one email follows the next. It would be nice to…

5 votes

Integrate Elementor

Integrate Elementor for easy buiding of forms and popups. Elementor already integrates many common systems like activecampaign, mailchimp and many more. Mailster is missing, showing it would also…

4 votes

Improve bulk editing of tags

Currently tags have to be added to each subscriber by editing each entry. It would be great if there could be a capability added to add/remove tags to…

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