WordPress Email Editor

Mailster has a great drag-and-drop editor which lets you create stunning campaigns in minutes.

No coding skills required.

editor sketch stage
Drag & Drop

Easy Newsletter Creation.

Our drag-and-drop editor makes creating your newsletter campaigns really easy. Just arrange your content the way you want. Done!


Insert Content From Your Website.

Speed up your newsletter creation process and simply insert content from your website.

It’s quick and easy – and you can go focus on your main business.


You Want to Edit? It’s No Effort!

Add sentences, remove words, erase paragraphs: Editing your Newsletter is as easy as writing a WordPress blog post.

Choose From More Than 3 Million Great Images.

You want to illustrate your email campaigns with great pictures? We’ve established a partnership with Unsplash and grant you access to millions of beautiful pics.


Merge Tags Redefined.

Address your subscribers by their name, use individual greetings or send birthday wishes.

Mailster has a great range of built-in merge tags. You can easily expand them or define custom ones.


Code Your Own Templates.

With Mailster’s simple and straightforward template markup language, coding your own template or adopting existing ones is easy.