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We use the same User Interface as WordPress, so you’ll easily find your way around.


Send Your Latest Posts.Products.Events.

Mailster lets you send all your posts, products, events or other custom post types. Every type can also be used for email automation.


Welcome Your New Subscribers.

Set up your welcome series and leave the rest to Mailster.

You sit back and focus on your business while Mailster makes sure your new subscribers feel welcome.

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Data Security

GDPR Compliance.

When it comes to GDPR compliance, Mailster is your newsletter marketing tool of choice: Mailster fully complies with GDPR requirements.

All your data is stored in your own database and is not transferred or shared with third parties.


Grow Without Limits.

With Mailster there’s no limit on subscribers. Unlimited subscribers, unlimited forms, and unlimited lists let you capture more actionable leads.

Go ahead and grow as much as you like!

  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Unlimited Lists

Give Your Email Marketing a Makeover.

Join more than 7,500 people in the United States and use Mailster to grow your business.


Send With Any Email Provider.

Mailster works with any email provider, no matter if you want to use a professional provider or your own server.

RSS triggered

RSS to Email.

Your subscribers will want to know if there’s new content on a third-party site they follow.

With our RSS-to-email feature, new posts are automatically imported into an email and sent to your subscribers. Just set up your automation campaign and you’re ready to go.

Global Player

Time Zone Based Sending.

You have subscribers all over the world? With Mailster you send your email campaigns based on the time zone of your subscribers.

This way you ensure that your readers receive your emails at the exact times when they are most likely to open them.

Insights & Analytics

Know Your Subscribers.

Analyze your subscribers´ data and target your marketing strategy according to their needs.

Mailster collects and uses your subscribers’ data while staying completely within GDPR requirements.


Merge Tags.

Merge tags are the key to marketing personalization: They are placeholder tags that get replaced with content tailored to your subscribers.

Our merge tags are customizable, extendable and easy to remember.

Right on point

Create Better Segmentations.

Increase your open rates with targeted campaigns and segmentation. Mailster provides many metrics to choose from so only the right audience gets the right email.


Great Campaign Insights.

Track and analyse your campaigns and subscribers: Benefit from real time insights into your campaigns.

Find out about your subscribers’ click rates and open rates, their location, and other activities relevant for your online marketing strategy.

Check before sending

Test Your Email Quality Before Sending.

With Mailster you can give your email campaign a thorough pre-check before sending it out.
Mailster gives you feedback on what you should improve.

Fix these issues, send and relax – your campaign will be good.

Set up and forget


Send automatic welcome emails, birthday emails, drip campaigns, follow-ups, auto-responders and more.

Just sit back and let Mailster take care of your email marketing.

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Full data control

You Own Your Data.

All your subscribers’ data is stored in your own database.
No third party has access to that data.


Dozens of Integrations With Plugins.

We’ve partnered with many popular developers so you can continue using your favorite plugins along with Mailster.


Built in Capability Management.

Assign specific rights to the people in your team. This makes it easy to keep full control over who does what.

Let your team support you!


Custom Template Language

With Mailster’s simple and straightforward template markup language, coding your own template or adopting existing ones is easy.

Go for it!


Developer Friendly

Mailster provides plenty hooks and filters you can use to increase its functionality and options.

Just go ahead and adapt Mailster to your unique needs.

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