Don’ts in Email Marketing.

When it comes to email marketing the are some does and don’t. In this article we’ll cover 5 things you should avoid in email marketing.

Do's in Email Marketing.

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Don’t talk about your service too much.

Do not turn your email into a sales pitch. Instead, show your subscribers what you can offer them and provide them with relevant news and information.

Don’t buy an email list.

Buying an email list doesn’t bring your business forward. Your emails won’t reach people who are really interested in your product or service.

Don’t send out emails that aren’t personalized.

Customers do not appreciate emails that don’t deliver content that is personalized for them. Personalization increases the chances that your emails are opened by 26 %.

Never send out emails that do not have a preheader text.

The preheader text is the short summary text that follows the subject line when viewing an email from the inbox. It tells your subscribers what the email is about and gives them a reason to open it.

Don’t send out emails to all your subscribers at the same time.

23 % of all emails are opened in the first hour after delivery. Take your subscribers’ time zones into consideration and make sure they are awake when your email is delivered.

By Xaver

Founder and creator of Mailster.

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