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5 votes

Integrate Elementor

Integrate Elementor for easy buiding of forms and popups. Elementor already integrates many common systems like activecampaign, mailchimp and many more. Mailster is missing, showing it would also…

23 votes

Deeper WooCommerce integration

Hi, currently WooCommerce integration is very basic. I would like to have: – some product oriented modules in templates – ability to use dynamically customer data, e.g. their…

Under Review 11 comments
2 votes

Add a second email field

Most of the email that bounce back are from subscribers who mistype their emails in the subscription forms. To correct this, we can add a second email field…

10 votes

Improve the Statistics

It is extremely time-consuming to track individual links that appear in multiple newsletters. This applies in particular (but not only) to advertising that is placed in the newsletter.…