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extend WP users support via WP roles

Optional assignment of Mailster Lists to WP roles. When a WP user is given a certain WP role it will be subscribed by Mailster to the associated List

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18 votes

Enable A/B-Testing

It would be great if there is a function to test 2 newsletterdesign as an A/B Test by automatically splitting send-out-list for the different versions.

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1 vote

Dark Mode Support

Hi. Dark mode usage is growing on all platforms. One day I opened my own email in the night when dark mode was switched on automatically on my…

3 votes

Make delivery time frame campaign based

Hi, I really like the ability to send campaigns in selected time frame. But I would like to be able to select this time frame in each campaign…

4 votes

Keep a log of transactional WP messages

If we select “Use Mailster for all outgoing WordPress mails” Mailster sends all WordPress transactional mails, hijacking wp_mail() function. It could be cool to log those messages and…

9 votes

Support the user time zone in Autoresponders

Currently, only regular campaigns support the user time zone. It would be great if this can be configured for Autoresponders too, so they wont be sent in the…

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6 votes

Visualise the workflow of automations

Systems like activecampaign visualise the whole workflow of automations. It is way easier to build complex automations, where one email follows the next. It would be nice to…

6 votes

Integrate Elementor

Integrate Elementor for easy buiding of forms and popups. Elementor already integrates many common systems like activecampaign, mailchimp and many more. Mailster is missing, showing it would also…