When Is the Best Time to Send a Newsletter?

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to find new leads. Not only does it have a high ROI, but it also builds relationships and networks that connect people to businesses.

The only problem with email marketing is that the competition levels in that space are high. Almost everyone who invests in this area is publishing newsletters on a frequent schedule.

You probably see this fact first-hand with your inbox daily. Most consumers receive a dozen or more promotional emails daily.

That’s why knowing when to send a newsletter is as crucial as the content sent to the email marketing list. Here is a review of the most recent trends so that you can develop a more successful framework.

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Best Practices to Follow for Sending Newsletters

Although specific locations and industries can offer alternative ideas, these best practices are meant for those with generalized marketing needs.

1. Tuesday and Thursday Are Best for Weekly Newsletters

These two days tend to work better across all industries if you want to achieve a high open rate. People tend to click more on Tuesdays, but they often spend more on Thursdays. That means you might consider offering value-based content on the first day while providing a call-to-action button on the second.

2. The Best Time to Send Newsletters Is 8 AM

Most people start their day by checking their inboxes. If your newsletter is already there, you’ll have an excellent chance to connect with a possible customer. The two other times to consider for high CTR are during the lunch hour and between 4-5 PM.

When you have customers in different time zones, it helps to have a WordPress plugin that can send messages automatically at the appropriate times. Some CRMs also provide this feature.

If you don’t have access to these scheduling resources, you’ll want to select an average time when the most subscribers can engage with your content.

3. Weekends Have Low Open Rates

Although some industries see high open rates during the weekend, most businesses find that Sunday is the worst day of the week to send a newsletter. Even though it can be waiting in the Monday morning inbox, it is more likely to be deleted than opened at that time.

If your composition time falls outside of the traditional workweek, it helps to schedule your outreach efforts when the delivery will see more readers.

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Why Is the Email Delivery Time Crucial to Consider?

About one-quarter of all emails get opened within an hour of delivery. That means the best time to get in touch with a subscriber list is when you know they’ll be in front of the computer or checking their mobile device.

It’s more tempting for subscribers to open a newsletter when they see it arrive.

That’s why Tuesdays and Thursdays are the best days to send this email, especially at 8 AM, lunch, or the final hour of the workday. You’re more likely to achieve real-time contacts.

Please remember that this information is for a generalized audience. You might find that Monday afternoon or Saturday morning is better based on your subscribers and industry. If you know your audience, it’ll be much easier to discover the best time to send a newsletter.

By Jon Goldberg

Jon is a writer for Mailster.co. He likes hiking, sport cars and playing chess when he's not with his family.

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