Mailster 4.0

After over a year of research and development, Mailster has now reached the next major release. I’m proud to bring in the next major version of your favorite newsletter builder for WordPress.

What’s new

A lot of fixes and improvements have been made to version 4.0. Most noticeable are the new ways to create forms and popups and how to use them on your site.

Block Forms

form editor

In Mailster 4.0, we introduce the third generation of form building for your websites. Creating sign-up forms for your newsletter is a fundamental feature of our newsletter plugin. With the new block editor integration, you can easily craft accessibility-ready forms and popups. These dynamic forms can be seamlessly placed anywhere on your site to enhance user engagement and subscription capabilities.


The second significant update introduces email marketing automation in Mailster. While this feature has been available since version 2.0, Mailster now offers a revamped approach to building customer journeys that is more intuitive and follows your users’ interactions logically.

automation flow 2

With Mailster’s enhanced automation capabilities, you can design customer journeys that are triggered in diverse ways. This includes the ability to pause your automation and deliver timely and pertinent information precisely when it matters most in the user’s journey.


With Mailster 4.0 we are rolling out updates to all our templates, starting with our most used ones “Mailster” and “MyMail“.

With the template will focus on accessibility and support for right-to-left languages. (RTL)

Once you have Mailster 4.0 installed you will be prompted to update your templates.

template updates 4.0

Keep in mind that these new templates require at least Mailster 4!

How to upgrade?

Updates are free for all licensees. If your license has expired you either grab a new one or – if you bought it via Envato and your license has expired – head over to your Envatos download section to get it there.

Other changes

  • Standardized rending of campaigns.
  • Update geo API to use preferred single mmdb file instead of multiple data files
  • Using a native date picker instead of jQuery UI elements
  • Preparation for custom conditions
  • Tags in conditions are now text fields and not dropdowns to make them more flexible.
  • native support forms for Elementor
  • native support forms for DIVI
  • Performance improvements on querying action data from campaigns
  • Performance improvements on data in the wp_options table
  • Improvements in how admin notices are rendered
  • Fully tested for PHP 8.1 (partially tested with PHP 8.2)
  • Autocompletion on conditions
  • Deprecated legacy forms
  • The Newsletter Homepage is now based on blocks and block forms

Please check out the full changelog as well.

Required version

We at EverPress always like to support as many PHP and WordPress versions as possible. This however prevents using some newer features and may introduce unexpected security problems.

Starting with Mailster 4.0 we require to use at least

  • PHP 7.4
  • WordPress 6.2

That said, we always recommend going with the latest WordPress version and the recommended max PHP version from this table (PHP 8.1 for WP 6.3)

By Xaver

Founder and creator of Mailster.



We currently support only most of the core blocks as we cannot count for side effects other, third party have. I’ll check if adding them cause a problem.

Hello, I use Envato version and I don’t see the join beta program in details Account 🙁

OK, I see. After reading the page, I wonder if there will be problems to update Mailster using Envato version if I migrate to Freemius ?

No, the version is the same. Freemius is our license provider to handle automatic updates. You can always download a copy from Envato and replace it manually. Hope that helps!

We already use it for a some time now and no problems so far. The new Automation system is basically the part which needs some further testing.

sounds great. What I am still missing ist integration of CPT and Meta Fields form JetEngine or JetEngine form.
And integration with Zapier.
Is anything planed?

No Zapier integration planned yet but happy to look into this. I’m not aware of JetEngine so hard to give a serious answer on that.

Love the Automations, this is exactly what we’ve been looking for however we can’t get it to work at all.

Hey Mike!

Please get in touch with support! We’re looking forward to help you out!

Xaver is neccesary and urgen the New Mailster the Pixel Tracking Open Option can be parameterized either at the beginning or at the end of the newsletter to use it in long newsletters, as you know GMAIL cuts the code and the openings are NOT recorded in the statistics since the pixel option is at the end of the html code .

Thanks for the feedback. We have an open ticket for that and checking the impact it might have. In general you should bring your email size below 100 kb so emails don’t get clipped in the first place.
Would a simple filter for that work for you? I’m certain this can get implemented much quicker.

Wow, great news!

Will it be possible to stop an automation until a certain time as well?
i.e. I don’t want to send mails at 3am in the morning, so it would be great to say “wait until 11 am tomorrow” instead of just “wait 2 days”.

And a second question – for how many entries has the user interface been tested? My current automation (with Mailster) has about 100 EMails….


Hi Michael!

Yes, that totally works. Please check our docs about delays here

100 subscribers is no problem at all. Our current tests always use about 20k subscribers but the way automation where made the limit has not changed as it uses the same sending method and emails get queued. We cover this in this article.

I see no problem here. If you can add 100 blocks to a page and the editor is still usable go ahead. The backend should also handle that easily.

Hi Xaver,
a few more questions:
1) are there actions to set / remove tags in the flow (instead of sending a mail)
2) are there triggers regarding tags, i.e. “tag has been set / removed”?

And finally – when will Mailster 4.0 be stable and available?


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