Benefits of email marketing plugins.

Email marketing with WordPress is fast and streamlined when you have the right plugins to help you succeed. You receive the digital infrastructure you need to get started without worrying about a significant investment.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or supplementing other marketing efforts, the power of email cannot be ignored. It has one of the best ROI ratios out there today.

Do's in Email Marketing.

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How do you maximize your use of email marketing?

  • Provide valuable content without an expectation of receiving something in return.
  • Be consistent with the timing of your outreach efforts so that each message has predictability.
  • Use customer-first language to place the focus on individual needs and problems.

Once you get those basics right, you can enjoy the many benefits of email marketing plugins for your brand and business.

Why the Best Email Marketing Software for Agencies Is a Wise Investment

Companies have several ways to communicate with potential customers or generate fresh leads. Why choose email marketing over direct mail, word-of-mouth advertising, or even PPC ads?

Outside of the ROI, most brands find it easier to build a larger audience by using email marketing plugins and similar tools. People are more willing to provide an email address in exchange for something instead of giving a physical mailing address. [[1]]

Subscriber lists can also be built at any geographic level: local, regional, national, or global. That structure gives a business the power to enter new markets, generate unique leads, and compete with the biggest corporations in their industry.

Email marketing provides personalized and customized content options. About two-thirds of people expect the companies they work with to provide this resource, so a great plugin can provide this resource.

The benefits of the best email marketing plugins start with the setup process. When you can import your data from your CMS or Excel, it gets your investment working for you faster. From there, you can pick a template, generate content, and create your first campaign.

Numerous platforms provide email marketing benefits that achieve these outcomes. Why pick a plugin instead of another distribution service?

Here are some of the reasons why that choice makes sense for today’s brands and businesses.

1. Plugins Let You Send Your Latest Posts

When using email marketing with WordPress, you can access the latest information you’ve published to create lead generation opportunities. The best plugins let you send your posts to your subscriber base, including products and event information.

The best plugins provide that service if you have a custom content campaign that you want to distribute by email. Every email and outreach type is available for automation, ensuring no one gets ignored.

Over 80% of customers expect a response from a prospective brand or business within ten minutes, but the average lead response time is closer to two days.

Email plugins help you improve that speed by generating helpful information while providing the infrastructure for an immediate response.

2. Data Compliance

Many email marketing plugins offer low-cost solutions that help businesses of any size achieve their lead generation goals. Whether you’re a one-person LLC or a multinational corporation, this resource provides invaluable outreach tools.

The question in today’s business environment isn’t whether your content is up to par when you’re getting started with email marketing. It is determining if you are meeting the current data compliance rules for each geographic region.

GDPR compliance is essential if you’re trying to contact European customers. In the United States, a patchwork of different rules exists at the state and federal levels. If you try to do all this work manually, will you be able to follow each regulation?

The best email marketing plugins for WordPress provide you with a compliance infrastructure automatically. You can send your messages with any provider, merge tags, or incorporate advanced segmentation while maintaining full data control.

When you have the best email marketing software for agencies supporting your efforts, you can worry more about generating leads and less about compliance issues that could lead to unwanted outcomes.

3. Immediate Outreach

Email is a straightforward resource to use after setting up your accounts and installing your preferred plugins. You can send and receive information rapidly while receiving feedback regarding your content in hours instead of days or weeks.

Instead of trying to have 30,000 individual conversations, the structure of the best email marketing plugins allows a company to structure messages that feel personal while using the advantages of mass messaging.

When brands receive immediate feedback regarding their messaging, they have a better idea of knowing if they’re connecting with people or driving them away. The value proposition can undergo a minor shift to ensure complete clarity within the conversation.

Although instant delivery can be a benefit with email marketing, there can be time zone differences and other factors that make it more or less likely that a specific message is seen.

The best email plugins for WordPress adjust for these factors to ensure an outreach effort gets delivered to an inbox when it is more likely to be opened.

For most people, the ideal time to receive an email is around 10 AM. That tends to be when the average person checks their inbox during the workday. Here are three other popular times where a business can start generating leads with confidence.

  • Emails received before 8 AM help to capture the attention of potential leads who check their inboxes while starting their morning routines.
  • Messages received around 1 PM give people an option to feel productive right after lunch without requiring an extensive effort.
  • A note that gets delivered around 4 PM works well for individuals who look for a distraction while winding down their responsibilities for the day.

Email marketing plugins allow you to create on your time, then distribute information when it works better for each reader. That produces a win-win situation for everyone.

4. All-in-One Solution

The best email marketing plugins for WordPress give you one place to keep this outreach effort organized. Instead of jumping between different platforms or trying to juggle multiple software requirements, everything is accessible from your dashboard.

While you get that benefit, you can also use a dedicated email provider or server to ensure accurate and authentic deliverability.

Some WordPress users have concerns about how a new plugin might change their website’s performance. The best options in the industry today are built with this concern in mind, ensuring that the least amount of impact on loading speed occurs.

Life is already busy enough. By centralizing this aspect of your online business, you’ll maximize your time and creative investments for email marketing while having a low-cost approach for your information distribution needs.

5. Newsletter Capabilities

Some email marketing plugins let you send messages or information about your products, pages, or posts, but they don’t offer a newsletter option. You might not even receive any template choices.

That’s why Mailster is an exciting option to consider. You receive access to over 400 free and premium templates, integration with your favorite plugins, and availability in more than 15 languages. You can start birthday campaigns, initiate a drip approach, and easily create newsletters.

You even have the option for a public archive of your latest newsletters.

Why choose the newsletter approach for your email marketing investments?

Newsletter BenefitsReasons Why Email Marketing Newsletters Make Sense
Customer ConnectionsEmail newsletters feel like a friendly conversation between a brand and each reader. It delivers valuable content that encourages subscribers to become engaged with the business. That process generates trust that can eventually lead to a sale.
Website TrafficIncluding links with your email marketing newsletters can generate more visitors for your site. It’s an organic process because the subscriber sees something they like, so they click on a button or graphic.
Grow CommunitiesNewsletters with social sharing buttons typically have a higher click-through rate (CTR) than those without them. Even if you only have one profile, people want to get to know a brand better by seeing what is on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. You end up having more reach.
Reputation ManagementEstablished newsletters make it easier to target audience segments with specific information that solves problems for the reader. When a brand lets its expertise shine in these proactive outreach efforts, it’s more likely that people will opt for them instead of a competitor.
Drive SalesEmail newsletters allow a business to tap into the compulsive nature of humanity. When someone sees something that they want, it is only natural to take action to acquire it. Brands don’t need to put out a hard sales pitch with this marketing investment to see conversion rates start climbing.

It is important to remember that “experience,” “expertise,” and “authority” are different concepts.

Experience is a measure of how long a business has been doing what it does best. Being around for 35 years is an accomplishment, but that doesn’t mean that company has direct expertise or authority.

Expertise measures knowledge and wisdom compared to competitors. It suggests that your business performs better than others.

Authority looks at how your expertise stacks up against the competition. Are you the best at what you do?

Email newsletters address all three.

6. Data Collection

One of the best benefits of an email marketing plugin for WordPress is the ability to collect campaign data.

Most plugins provide data on how many subscribers opened your email. You can often see the number of clicks received with each outreach effort.

The various statistics and metrics that email marketing tracks can help brands identify whether or not their segmentation efforts are working. This information also lets a company know if its content is working, or if changes in communication are necessary.

Although numerous key performance indicators are available to track, here are some of the best options to consider when investing in lead generation for your brand.

  • Email By Category or Label. This information lets you see the number of messages a person has with their account, including how many have been deleted or are in their inbox or other folders.
  • Email Word Count. Concise emails tend to be more effective than lengthy ones. It takes less time to read a short message, and you’ll find it is quicker to write them. You can send content that is too short to be effective, so looking at this KPI can help you identify what efforts provide the best responses.
  • Total Email Conversions. A conversion doesn’t need to be a sale. It can be any action taken that leads to more revenue or brings you closer to a specific goal. Some businesses have company contacts or form submissions listed in this category.

7. Simple to Use

To enjoy the benefits of email marketing with WordPress, you don’t need to be a coding wizard or a programmer extraordinaire. Even if you’re new to this world, the primary steps involve installing WP, downloading your plugin, and creating content for both.

The best plugins use this benefit to help you create the personalized content that people want today. You can address subscribers by using individual greetings, sending birthday wishes, or addressing them by name.

Mailster takes this benefit to another level by allowing users to expand the built-in merge tags or define custom ones for even more personalization.

Subscribers can even manage their own information through a subscription center with today’s best plugins. Instead of tracking this data yourself, you can delegate it to your subscribers.

Are You Using the Best Email Marketing Software for Agencies?

The benefits of email marketing with WordPress make it easier to connect with customers while providing time-efficient processes to create and distribute content. This low-cost option delivers an impressive ROI for many brands, communicates your expertise efficiently, and is easy to implement for companies of all shapes and sizes. If you’re not using email for lead generation today, you could be missing out on many opportunities. Download your plugin today and get to work!

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