How the right plugins can boost online sales.

WordPress email marketing is one of the best tools to have in your outreach efforts. It provides opportunities to establish brand awareness, market your platform, and sell products or services.

When you have email marketing with WordPress, you have an effective way to communicate to your customers and prospects personally. That’s why this resource has one of the highest ROI ratios year after year.

Most businesses aren’t using email marketing because they feel like they don’t have the time, aren’t sure how to do it, or don’t want to invest time and money.

Using the right WordPress plugins can boost your online sales while expanding your outreach efforts. That’s a win/win situation, especially since the cost and time investments are minimal.

Do's in Email Marketing.

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What Are the Benefits of WordPress Email Marketing?

WordPress plugins simplify the email marketing process. Although each one takes a slightly unique approach to the technical side of this investment, the benefits you receive from this process are the same across each platform.

Here’s what you’re missing out on right now if you’re not incorporating email marketing with WordPress into your outreach efforts.

1. Create Brand-Specific Content

Personalization is a critical need in today’s business environment. We discovered the benefits of online shopping during the pandemic, including the option to create specific orders.

If we want to order specific products or services, why would we want to read a generic form letter email?

You can segment customers into different lists when you invest in WordPress email marketing. It could be by demographic, personal preference, or even previous by previous orders.

Once you create these segments, email marketing through WordPress allows you to develop subject lines, content, and images that resonate with each audience. Each reader receives brand-specific material that pushes them forward through your sales funnel, even if they’ve already started that journey.

Most American adults say they want to receive promotional emails from trusted companies. That figure is similar to global statistics. You’re creating a platform where your brand stays at the top of the reader’s mind. When they encounter an issue you can solve, this investment puts you at the top of their content list.

2. Increase Brand Recognition

When people see your logo, read your content, or observe your crews working locally, do they know who you are?

Without brand recognition, it can be challenging to develop enough trust with your leads to generate positive attention. Email marketing through WordPress can help to correct that potential issue.

Email marketing allows you to brand each message with consistent colors and designs. You’re creating valuable content that lets people see who you are, building trust in the process.

Here are some of the additional benefits that come from having a strong brand.

Benefit of Brand RecognitionWhy This Benefit of Brand Recognition Is Important
Customer LoyaltyConsumers who recognize your brand and the value it offers are more likely to do business with you. Almost 60% of customers spend more money with companies to which they feel loyalty.
Word-of-Mouth AdvertisingWhen someone has a positive experience with a company, they’re more likely to recommend you to others. With WordPress email marketing, that means your information could get shared or forwarded to someone else.
Less Price SensitivityThis issue describes how much the cost of a product or service weighs on a consumer’s decision to buy something. People who trust your company and brand experience it less because they have positive emotional connections to your brand.
Advertising EffectivenessWhen your email marketing efforts develop a reputation for being valuable and informative, people are more likely to read them. They feel excited because they have confidence in who you are. Those emotions translate into more sales opportunities.

3. Build Customer Relationships

Email marketing with WordPress sets the cornerstone for your customer relationship foundation. You’ve got opportunities to provide each person with the information they want in a convenient manner for their consumption.

When helpful messages get delivered to an inbox, a simple click is all it takes for readers to feel valued – if your content strives to achieve that goal.

Although some people will never be satisfied with your efforts, the average customer wants to know that you think of them as an individual instead of a commodity. What can you do to help their lives be a little better after they’ve read your email?

Here are some ideas that don’t require a massive investment in content marketing to create those connections.

  • Send customers a coupon on their birthday or at another specific time.
  • Offer free downloads or access to premium content.
  • Provide rewards for referrals.

Over 60% of customers stop working with companies once they have a single poor experience. Most people don’t even write negative reviews. They just go to the competition.

You can use email marketing with WordPress to reduce that churn.

4. Establish Brand Authority

When customers see your company as being an industry expert, you’re more likely to earn their business.

People sign up for newsletters and email lists because they want to receive more information from you. They appreciate something about your products, services, or website and want to stay connected.

You can build brand authority by following these steps if you’re starting from scratch.

  • Keyword Research. It helps to build a marketing strategy around the relevant interests of your audience. That information creates organic traffic that’s more likely to engage with the transaction process. Try to compile at least 30 different keywords relevant to your business with as much specificity as possible.
  • Produce Content. Your fingers should be hitting those keyboard keys daily to show why you’re an expert. It helps to incorporate on-page SEO at this stage for your website while promoting value in each email. You can direct people to blog posts and other materials with this effort.
  • Get Social. Direct your WordPress email marketing toward relevant social media platforms. If you want to connect with Gen X’ers, go to Facebook. If your focus is on Gen Z, try Snapchat. Once you establish a positive platform, consider branching out to other media.

People want to know that they’re working with the best. When you provide information through the right plugins for WordPress email marketing, you’ll take another step in the right direction.

It doesn’t matter what you sell or provide for services. These principles are universal. When you stay consistent with the value you offer others, the emails with WordPress give you a potential advantage over your competitors.

5. Collect Feedback

Although constructive feedback isn’t always easy to hear, it provides valuable information that lets you get better as a brand and a business.

Instead of receiving this feedback through reviews, use email marketing through WordPress to request this information.

You can send customer satisfaction surveys, ask specific questions, and read the responses to see where you stand. The key to this benefit is to avoid taking the negative information personally, even if the sender tries to make things personal.

Emails filled with judgmental comments can be ignored. “You never give me anything I need when I need it.”

A message with constructive feedback might say, “Please ship my order with a different service provider that communicates with me better because no tracking information was ever given to me.”

6. Drag-and-Drop Personalization

When you send emails to prospects and customers, your chosen template matters a lot. If the information isn’t easy to process for readers, they’re more likely to delete the message instead of trying to understand the content.

The best plugins for WordPress email marketing provide drag-and-drop design benefits to let you create customizable looks without needing to know how to code.

Some plugins let you build custom subscription forms you can embed in pages, posts, or widget areas.

You can include different templates or start from scratch.

This personalization benefit includes the data and metrics you prefer to track. You’ll have real-time statistics about each email blast, including click rate, open rate, conversions, and other information points that matter to your brand.

The benefit of drag-and-drop personalization is the ability to perform natural A/B testing. You can find the sore spots in your sales funnel where potential conversions disappear while testing the changes where they’re needed.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, you can refine it with these structures with the right plugin to boost online sales.

7. Faster Engagement

When you invest in traditional marketing resources, the time to engagement can be unpredictable. It could be days, weeks, or even months after completing your outreach efforts that you get returns.

With email marketing through WordPress, you can get responses within minutes. About one out of every five message opens occur within the first hour of them being sent.

About half of your opens typically occur within six hours.

That means you can get the word out quickly about something specific and valuable to targeted customer segments. It boosts your brand, demonstrates expertise, and shows concern for the consumer because you’re offering something valuable.

Many small businesses don’t want to annoy customers with frequent WordPress email marketing, but they end up not sending enough content. The average person who connects with a brand via email marketing appreciates receiving at least one message weekly.

The sweet spot for sending emails is about two or three per month.

Your audience wants to hear from you. Sending two or three messages per day is likely overdoing it, but you must send out something to stay connected. When you use the right plugins, you’ll know within hours whether or not your content connects with readers.

8. SEO Improvements

Email marketing with WordPress improves your SEO efforts. It’s one of the platform’s most overlooked tactics.

An email distributes your content while driving qualified traffic to specific landing pages. When you can boost visitor numbers, the higher traffic improves optimization.

To be clear, there isn’t a direct correlation between email marketing and search engine algorithms for search rankings.

What you receive with this marketing investment is an improvement in backlink growth to your domain. That outcome is an essential SEO ranking factor.

You can’t rely on other platforms to distribute your content. If you’re on Facebook, about 5% of followers see non-paid posts. It’s not easy to build trust when 95 out of 100 people don’t see your messages!

The right plugin can correct that issue.

9. Messaging Versatility

WordPress email marketing gives you options. When you install the plugin you prefer, it allows you to include text, images, links, and other content into the message. Some options let you have attachments, although that could increase the risk of getting the content sent to the junk or spam folder.

When you run a small business, you can easily promote your products or services with a quick video. That content could be embedded into the email to show your value and expertise.

If you need traffic sent to your site, the email can include a direct link to where it is uploaded.

Different filters and personalization commands ensure each reader feels like you’re putting together the email for their individual consideration.

That’s why email marketing with WordPress is such an effective option. You can take whatever approach is appropriate for the exact situation you face. If your circumstances change, the right plugin can adapt to your evolving requirements.

Are You Ready to Get Started with WordPress Email Marketing?

Email marketing with WordPress starts with a foundation of valuable information. What do you bring to the equation that no one else offers?

When the quality of a product or a service is equal in the mind of a consumer, their decision to work with one company over another is based on three core principles.

  • What is the cost-to-value ratio of the transaction?
  • How good is the customer service that I’ll receive?
  • What kind of guarantee do I receive with my purchase?

You can answer these questions while providing expertise through each email. With the right plugin and your ingenuity, your brand can stand out.

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