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The option to turn the plugin on or off when a new staging environment is created.


My request is an option to turn the plugin on or off in a new staging environment.

If we have the setting turned off, and we create a staging site nothing gets sent from mailster.

Sometimes we create a staging site and forget to turn off mailster and then all autoresponders and scheduled newsletters get sent ( just happened to me )

Please let me know what you think. Thank you and have an amazing day!

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Another idea is to have Mailster automatically recognize if the the site is a Staging site and turn off, this can be optional or hard coded.

Please let me know what you think. 🤔 😊

I also tried to explain this issue to Mailster support. I am using a test site on a subdomain to test everything – plugins, including Mailster itself, any updates, themes, etc. The test site is created periodically by cloning from the production site. So they are identical – that is the purpose of testing. And I already had an uncontrolled duplicate mailing and lost a couple of hundred subscribers. I don’t think disabling a plugin is a good idea as it itself requires testing. But it is necessary to exclude unwanted triggering of autoresponders, while leaving the opportunity to test all the new Mailster functions in a secure test environment before updating the production site..

Good point.

The trouble I had was with scheduled newsletters. That was the issue I ran into. I had a few scheduled newsletters that had got sent from the staging site.

So maybe a way to toggle On/Off what can be sent from a staging site, Autoresponders, Scheduled Newsletters, Testing emails etc..

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