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Support the user time zone in Autoresponders

Currently, only regular campaigns support the user time zone. It would be great if this can be configured for Autoresponders too, so they wont be sent in the middle of the night of a user in a different time zone.
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For which type of autoresponder do you like to see this? How should that work for subscriber based autoresponders for instance if you send the welcome message 1 minute after signup?

Hi Xaver,

Thanks for considering this feature request. We would like the timezone feature for autoresponders for a chain of a introductory emails we sent after sign up within the next aprox 14 days. For example, we send a follow up message 2 days after sign up and then another one 60 hours after this second message. But we do not want the second message to be delivered during the night of our subscribers. (which can be in Europe or Latin America)

Thanks for the update. I’ll check if this is technically possible but I also think the most users may expect mails within a similar timeframe they signed up so using a timeframe of 24, 48 or 72 hours would work to get them in the “correct” time. If you send it 60 hours later they get it 12 hours after the signup time.

Hi Xaver,

Thanks a lot for the reply. I agree and understand your explanation, but it will not work in these two scenarios:
1. If the user (for whatever reason) signs up at e.g. 11:00pm. we would not want to send him all Autoresponders in the middle of the night, just because he signed up late on one occassion.
2. If we have a time frame configured (e.g. only send mails between 9:00am and 6:00pm), this calculation will not work anymore, as every mail which is send after 6:00pm will automatically be “rescheduled” for 9:00am. (this especially happens if you add the rule: Send Autoresponder Y 36 hours after Autoresponder X had been sent.)

Have a great week!

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