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Newsletters as Blog posts

It would be great if newsletters could be automatically posted as blog posts. I’m writing weekly personal newsletters that I now have to copy paste and translate to a blog post. The reason I want this is that for my newsletter archive I want all the features a normal WordPress blog has: comments, tags, categories, rss, etc. For me the newsletter is the main product, and all the newsletters together represent a developing body of work and the website is basically a tool to navigate all the newsletters and the conversations that they instigate. Now making a blog post version of each newsletter is a lot of additional work.
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I know but these lack the functionalities I want: commenting, tags, categories, rss, etc. Basically everything a blog post has. Also a blog post allows for much more elaborate integration of the newsletter into the website.

Ok, get it. Have you considered going the other route like publishing first on your blog and send it later via email? You can even crate a custom post type “newsletter posts”. This way you have the flexibility of posts and Mailster can even automate the sending.

Yes i’ve looked at this a while back. As far as I remembered it didn’t give me proper control over the look and feel of the newsletter. Like wether tot show a title, or adding a newsletter header and footer. Also i remember the scaling was wrong in gmail. Before opting for Mailster + Worpress I looked at Ghost, Substack and Revue as options. But each gave little control over the look and feel of what the newsletter will look like (header, footer, which tags (title, autor, date) to include or exclude. — Actually I would much prefer that it would work the other way around: write a blog post that is sent like a newsletter. If this is done well you’ve could build a proper WordPress based competitor to Substack. I think there would be a big market for this. Because the other reason i didn’t go for Substack/Ghost/Revue was Stripe (which they all use), and the inability to integrate the local payment options i needed for launching paid subscriptions.

I checked again the option you mentioned, it is indeed a solution. But at the time it added it bit too much complexity since I had to synchronise styling between newsletter template and what the blog post that it imports (since that also brings it’s own styling with it. And small things like, youtube embeds don’t translate, and i’ll have to manually make and place a preview image. So yes it is possible, but it takes some serious style syncing and it put limitations on the blog post: like now i’d have to put an image with a play-button into the actual blog post, so that it will show up properly in the newsletter.

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