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Fluent Forms integration

Similar to the Gravity Form and Contact Form 7 integrations – it would be great to also allow using Fluent Forms to subscribe users. (With the same set of features, choosing lists, double opt-in etc). Thankyou!
Completed f1514e21175cb380b52482ba32ef72ec?s=40&d=mm&r=g Adrian Green shared this idea


To any that are interested, I have a working implementation. A needed it, so created my own. The plugin adds itself as a Fluent Forms integration. Once enabled in the Fluent Forms config, it becomes addable as a “Marketing & CRM Integrations” item to a form. There you can configure field mappings, double optin, and other settings.
I’ll put it up on github if somebody expresses interest.

Yes, I also put in a feature request with them. Their code is very similar to mine it turns out. (except that I added some handy filters and hooks in a few choice places.)
Thanks for the heads up!

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