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Deeper WooCommerce integration

Hi, currently WooCommerce integration is very basic. I would like to have: – some product oriented modules in templates – ability to use dynamically customer data, e.g. their latest purchases – ability to add customer to mailing list according to the category of product he/she bought
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Don’t want to argue with others but in my opinion there are a lot of good options for abandoned cart already available so you’d better spend your time integrating WooComemrce data into your mails, making ECommerce dedicated templates, providing better instruments for clients segmentation etc.

@pacmanito I had thought it would be better to keep it all in the same Newsletter service, so we can start building and segmenting our list.

Could you please share the option you use and how you transfer the information to Mailster once they become a customer?

Thank you and have an amazing day! 😊

@Deyson currently I am using WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery plugin from CartFlows Inc. It is 100% free and has all the needed functionality. To build such functionality from scratch you need to spend a lot of effort, I suspect Mailster devs just don’t have enough resources. Implementing an abandoned cart for logged-in clients is rather straightforward but for those who entered their shipping info but did not finish checkout you should create some JS to collect this data.
As for transferring information, I don’t get the question – as soon as they bought something they are just another customers, if they did not after follow-up emails then we don’t care about them.
I understand the intention to have all the related functionality in one place, but Mailster has only a few devs and also such intentions usually lead to creating absolutely monstrous bloated slow plugins like Yoast.

Thank you, @ pacmanito. This makes perfect sense.

I just recently discovered that AutomateWoo has Abandoned Carts feature that I will look into. I will also look Woocommerce Cart Abandonment Plugin you had recommended.

Thank you and have an amazing day! 😊

This is part of Automation.
Automation, send automatic welcome emails, birthday emails, drip campaigns, follow-ups, auto-responders and more.
Abandoned cart emails is a huge part of those automations if you are running an eshop. After purchasing my license I was shocked to find our that this was not already included out of the box.

With the logic that separate plugins could be used to do things most Email Marketing Platforms already have deeply incorporated in their systems, you can’t move forward. Abandoned cart emails should be a core feature if you want to advertise that you support WooCommerce platform.

Really agree that this wonderful plugin that I use on a weekly basis is lacking some more woocommerce features, as some mentioned – abandoned cart and to be able to target customers who purchased a specific product/category/ or perhaps brand (if you use a brand plugin) and perhaps to target according to how much a customer has spent or how many orders they have done lately

I would also like to see conversion tracking for products for each campaign. MailPoet provides a nice summary of the total amount spent as a result of a campaign, along with the specific products purchased (and how many of each).

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